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Before and After

A brief overview of Before and After examples


before - Natural TeethUpon the third remake of this crown on by a commercial lab, an attractive woman in a high-profile career was extremely unhappy with the result and most upset with her dentist.




The dentist was referred to us by a colleague in another state.

Both doctor and patient were thrilled and delighted with the result, and the patient has since referred many of her friends and co-workers to her dentist.

Porcelain Veneers…

Porcelain veneersUsing master-level porcelains such as Vitadur Alpha, Willi Geller Creation, and Ivoclar IPS design, we can fabricate porcelain veneers with unlimited natural characterization. We can also fabricate veneers with all types of all-ceramic core materials including pressables and Inceram Spinell.

Our All-Ceramic Anteriors Harmonize with Nature

Our posteriors look like REAL TEETH, not crowns!

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