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About Us

Your Master Ceramist Ben Shuman


Ben Shuman, Dental Technician

Ben SchumanFixed Restorations – Extraordinary Esthetics
Infinity Dental Technology Services is a small, exclusive premium-level dental laboratory specializing in ceramometal and all-ceramic restorations that replicate the intricacies of natural dentition.

We feature Willi Geller Creation (feldspathic) Porcelain and Ivoclar IPS design (fluoroapatite) Porcelain for enhanced depth, vitality and enamel wear properties.

We also are able to provide all the popular all-ceramic systems, for your total prescribing flexibility for esthetic crowns and veneers. We have extensive experience with full-mouth rehabilitation cases and implant case design and fabrication.

We appeal to those Dentists and Prosthodontists in the top 1% of the profession because we firmly believe that the only way to consistently satisfy the needs of our clients is by guaranteeing that all critical procedures on your cases are personally performed by the owner, internationally-trained Ben Shuman.

These procedures include trimming dies, setting bites, waxing margins, fitting of crowns; building, shaping and shading of porcelain, and final polishing, which are carried out under a 30x stereo zoom microscope. Only indirect procedures are delegated to a skilled laboratory assistant and then only under the watchful supervision of Mr. Shulman–exactly as the patients are treated in your practice!

Our clients are assured a level of precision, artistry, consistency, and communication not attainable from commercial labs.

We are able to service Dentists anywhere in the USA as well as most areas internationally. We can facilitate shipping to and from your office, and we accept VISA and MasterCard for your convenience.

In short, we offer the breadth of service of a large commercial laboratory coupled with the aesthetics, consistency, and communication only possible with a one-on-one Doctor-Technician relationship.

Please take time to browse our site to learn more about who we are, what we’re all about, and why our restorations can help secure your practice on the highest plateau of esthetic dentistry.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

INFINITY Dental Technology Services

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